"I've had the most interesting life of anyone I know."


Terri Haag is a professional writer, publications designer, art restorer, museum exhibit designer, blogger, and artist. She has also been an ambulance driver, marketing director, phlebotomist, bartender, and publisher. She has ridden in helicopters over glaciers in Irian Jaya, babysat baby chimpanzees in Zambia, was swept away while scuba diving in Belize, got married in a Polish salt mine, white-water rafted Namibia's Orange River, helped tag great white sharks in South Africa, fossil hunted in the Great Karoo, and was emergency med-evacked from Namibia with cerebral malaria.





Haag lived and worked in Cape Town, South Africa, for 8 years. While there she created large-scale museum and aquarium exhibits, rescued penguins, and wrote numerous feature-length magazine articles for international publications. Since returning to Tucson in 2005, Terri  created and installed popular exhibits at Tucson Botanical Gardens; mounted a dinosaur skeleton; hand-built fossil saber-tooth cat mandibles; and a created a full-size (non-working) replica of a nuclear warhead.



  • Author of over 70 feature and short articles in international magazines

  • Author and publisher of five iterations of the Robert Haag Field Guide of Meteorites

  • Author, illustrator, and publisher of Japh’s Pretty Good Fossil Book

  • Author and publication designer of Learning Responsibility the Green Way

  • Designer and publisher of numerous websites

  • Publication designer, editor, and publisher of Broadway of America, The Forgotten Highway, by Roberta Serface

  • Ghost-writer of autobiographies and a political exposè

  • Author, illustrator, and publisher of The Bingo Money Cadillac Chicken Coop

  • Author of So You Wanna be a Chef?

  • Designer of numerous logos, business cards, brochures, annual reports, and invitations



  • Independent science presenter on gems, minerals, fossils, extinction events, meteorites, and other science topics in public schools

  • Assistant coordinator of the Fourth R Program, TUSD, Tucson, AZ

  • Guest lecturer on meteorites: Arizona Geological Society; Milwaukee MENSA Convention; Milwaukee Astronomical Society; Arizona Sonora Desert Museum; Iziko SA Museum

  • Guest lecturer on 20 years as a journalist: Old Pueblo Lapidary Club, Menudo Society

  • Guest lecturer on fossils: Menudo Society, Two Ocean Aquarium, other venues

  • Guest lecturer on poetry: Pima Community College, Milwaukee Poetry Slam

  • Guest lecturer on 2 years as an ambulance medic: Sisters in Crime writers group



  • Proficient in  MS Office, Photoshop, PageMaker, Quark and others

  • Hand-draws scientific illustrations

  • Good general photographer for publication purposes

  • Speaks, reads, and writes fluent Spanish (mas o menos)

  • Repairs toilets, rewires minor electrical problems, troubleshoots simple computer glitches, cooks, sews, catches and releases live rattlesnakes, and appreciates smoky single malts

  • Able to recite every British monarch in order from 1066 to present day

  • Certified SCUBA diver

  • Former member of MENSA and TOPS

  • Bodhran player with Irish music session groups  in Tucson, AZ


SEE current resume: 2015



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